Lisa Barnes was interviewed for the March issue of Lawyer Monthly. Lisa Barnes discusses her journey into specializing and how she often called on cases regarding theft and fraudulent art.

How amazing is it when a notable 19th Century still life becomes the discovery Of an amateur Goodwill art shopper? Knowing how to discern when something Beautiful and obscure is so appealing and Absolutely must be good. Not long ago, David Wood, a Phoenix Resident, searched through a rack of Blotchy canvasses at the Goodwill…

In the shadowy world of modern thievery, the cachet in loot – the next best thing to money – may be art. Crooks who couldn’t explain the difference between Manet and Monet have discovered paint canvas. The burglars of Eastern Europe are fast emptying little churches of vanishing art from the sites of old civilization….

What’s it like to feel from the beginning that you’ve picked a winner? When determining value, be it of a hot shot athletic recruit, or an exceptional painting up for bid, a buyer needs to feel the purchase will be a “stand-out,” a “find,” the kind of commodity that outshines its competitors. How amazing is…